The Hollywood Film About A Dog Whose Fur Turns Into Money​


Furry Fortune The Movie LLC is proud to announce a GREAT film for the entire family! "THE FURRY FORTUNE" is on the way! Last year we optioned the book of the same name and developed the script and attached production talent to get it made. Now, the film is in production and we plan to complete principal photography in June 2021. Family films are such an important influence on people, bringing happiness to children (and adults) of all ages. Rescue animals are very important to us. We will use this film as an opportunity to showcase what a blessing rescue animals can be. "THE FURRY FORTUNE" will be a very entertaining movie while at the same time showing the true importance of family and sending a great, positive message. Follow us each step of the way through this website and various social media channels as we embark on this wonderful journey... together!


Here's a sneak peak of the movie's plot: Two twins who are growing apart discover their pet rescue dog is shedding money. The neighbors, a malicious IRS agent and his slimy son, kidnap the money-making canine, and the siblings must work together to save their pet AND their family. In the end, their family is far more important than any amount of money.



The Furry Fortune is not an animated film. The below storyboards are graphic representations only of how certain scenes in the film will look.


Summer has begun. DAX (12), what he lacks in confidence he makes up for in voltage spirit, and his sister, the precocious and sassy ZOEY (12) are twins, yet couldn’t be any more opposite. They live a typical American life, with two parents who work hard, a pet dog they adore, and a secret hideout—a tree house in back woods. When they encounter a magical rainbow and curious creature, their dog starts shedding paper money instead of fur, and their life is turned upside down.
The same day the twins discover their dog NUZZLES is a bonafide canine piggy bank, WILLIAM KEARST III, an imposing, by the numbers, meticulous IRS Agent, and his slimy, visual carbon copy of a son, ODOM (14) move in next door. DAX and ZOEY’S parents are both hard-working, but are struggling financially. Once a tight-knit family, now with the twins hitting pre-teen years, and their parents always working, they seem worlds apart.

Then the fun begins! DAX and ZOEY buy everything they have ever wanted: Candy, toys, big screen television sets—even a slushy machine! Their dad lives out all of his fantasies, from racecar driving to skydiving, while their mom pampers herself with days at the spa and plans an extravagant family vacation to Italy. Ironically, the more they all are flush with material items and limitless amounts of cash, the further the family grows apart. As the money piles up, and they have to stack it, they must also keep it a secret, hiding the truth from everyone.

The horrible neighbors kidnap NUZZLES after seeing the dog shed money. Emotionally distraught, after the twins can’t find Nuzzles they begin to uncover clues that lead them to the neighbors’ garage, where they find Nuzzles, trapped. Like a scene out of “Home Alone,” After some careful planning, the twins wage an epic battle against their nemeses to rescue Nuzzles. As they fight to protect Nuzzles-- using everything from a sling shot to a slushy machine to save the day-- they realize that spending time with their family is far more important than any amount of money.